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1. Do you take insurance?   

Currently we will continue to take some  medicare with secondary coverage and BCBS with the exception of the S plan. We do not accept any medicaid, TN care or other insurance plans. This is a cash clinic. Insurance will not invest in your health. We have actually received checks for 2 cents. We are also fined by medicare when we see these patients.   

2. Why do I have to have my paperwork in prior to my visit? 

Our goal is to take care of you not paperwork when you arrive. Your chart is prepared prior to your arrival. Clinic time is reserved for face to face interactions 3 days a week and the other days are reserved for working on charts, reviewing old records, following up with outpatient testing and other patient requirements. 

3. What happens if I am running late?

Please call the clinic so we can attempt to adjust the schedule or reschedule you. It is important you are on time due to the way the clinic is scheduled. 

4. How is my cost calculated?

The cost of your visit depends on the resources you use. The resources include all associates in the clinic, the EMT, RN,MA and provider. Each one plays a role and has a team responsibility which allows the other members time to complete other patient related task. These resources may include holistic sessions for pain or other complaints and concerns. Payment is expected at the time the services are rendered. 

5. Why do you not answer the phone ? 

If the phone is not answered  we are with patients. The main focus of the clinical day is the patient who has an appointment that day. If you will leave a detailed message we will return you call at the end of the day. Please include the spelling of your name, date of birth and a call back number with a short message of your need.  We have over 2000 patients and want to make sure we call the right one back!    

6. Can I email you ?

Short questions and request are always welcome. We can not answer prolonged questions or concerns. Please include a subject line when you email us. All associates check the emails and answer what they can, most medical concerns will be addressed by the RN or provider. This is done between patients and after hours. 

7. How will I get my lab results?

We work with a system which will allow you to log in and see your lab. This can not be done until the provider has reviewed the lab and released it to the site. If their are concerns the RN or provider will call or email you instructions and a plan of care.

8. Will insurance cover my lab and outpatient testing?

Most will but  you will need to check with your carrier.

9. Will you fill out my disability paperwork?

No. There are many reasons we do not do this or any prolonged paperwork.