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  " I have been sick for a long time and now have returned to a quality life thanks to the clinic" TS

  "The massage bed was just what I needed" ST 

  "The salt room is great! " SV

  " I have my life back, MTHFR treatment has given me hope" CC

  "I couldn't live without my monthly energy shot so much more than a typical B-12."   MW

  "I love everything about this place.  the atmosphere is soothing and        the people are the best!  Kamie

  "Everyone there is wonderful and personal.  Susan is very caring."   LJ 

"I can not believe how much better I am after working with the clinic " GE

"The PEMF mat resolved my find hand tremors after two treatments" K

"My pain is so much better, I am so happy " ET


The Fatigue Clinic, Collierville Holistic Health 

The Biomat is a great resource for getting you back to your sport--stronger and quicker