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                                                                             Holistic  Spa Sessions

Salt Room Session - relax in an environment of healing salt with essential oils for 30 min . It will relax you and open your respiratory system -  Cost is $30 for 30 minute session.   

Biomat Session - FDA approved -  a 30 min session on a bed of amethyst and toumaline reaching up to 158 degrees of infrared heat.  Amethyst Crystals  elongate and amplify the natural wavelength of the far infrared rays, allowing them to penetrate up to 7 inches deep into the body. Amethyst crystals offer the most consistent and powerful delivery of far infrared light waves, and ionic effects to the human body. It will decrease pain and inflammation. Cost is $30 for a 30 minute session .

PEMF Session-  FDA approved - The PEMF creates magnetic fields which cause or increase motion of ions and electrolytes in the tissues and fluids of the body. This movement stimulates a vast array of chemical, mechanical, and electric actions in the tissues of the body.  Cost is $30 for a 30 minute session.

 Ozone Sauna Session - Ozone is introduced into a special steam sauna cabinet, it is absorbed across the skin and combines the beneficial oxygenation and detoxification effects of both ozone and sauna therapy.  Cost is $45.00  per session.

Migun ​Jade Infrared Massage table - FDA approved 
​- The (5) Principles Behind the MIGUN Thermal Massage Bed
Acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and far infrared therapy are all rolled into one to provide you with a deep, warm, relaxing massage, giving your spine a soothing stretch and stimulating the key acupuncture points, blood vessels, and muscles to accelerate and improve blood circulation. The MIGUN Thermal Bed uses jade massage heads to conduct infrared heat and create therapeutic pressure from the head to toe. Cost is $30 for a 45 minute session

Heated Massage Chair $25

Detox ionic Foot baths $35

USG/STEM for Pain $45​

​Laser 1  Area  Per Session - $25.00

Local Products

In an  effort to support and promote local small business the clinic offers various products from local merchants. These range from lotions, soaps, scrubs, supplements , teas and many more exclusive items

Home of the Famous Pain Lotion !

For some of the above sessions note: 

No health claims  have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease.



Offering Alternatives including:     

MTHFR testing 

23 and Me Interpetation

Methylation Care

Food Sensitivities

Nutrition and Nutrigenomics

Metabolic & Digestive Dysfunction 

Modulation of  the immune system     

Individualized Detox Programs

Environment and Chemical exposure

Genetic Testing

Cardiovascular Prevention

Herbal Solutions

Holistic Pain Management 

​Holistic Skin Care