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March winds are blowing in a great deal at the fatigue clinic -

Purchase two Ozone sauna sessions at the  regular price of $45.00 each and get the third free. 

Benefits of ozone sauna: 

Relaxes and loosens muscles by reducing the buildup of lactic acid and increasing muscle flexibility. 
Oxidizes toxins so they can be eliminated through the skin, lungs, kidneys and colon. 
Boosts blood circulation, helping injured muscles to repair quicker. 
Stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels relieving pain and speeding the healing process. 
Eliminates bacterial and viral infections of all kinds. 
Speeds up the metabolic processes of the inner organs and endocrine glands resulting in a loss of 200-450 calories in a 20 minute session.

Newest research shows steam hyperthermia an effective treatment for: 

* Detoxification programs 
* Immune system deficiencies 
* Pain management 
* Cancer 
* Arthritis 
* Stress and muscle tension 
* Increasing body metabolism 
* Elimination of toxins 
* Blood circulation

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March Specials are here!!!

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The Mission

The clinic was created out of a rebellious spirit that refused to bend to the demands of modern medicine, The combination of western and holistic medicine provides a foundation to improve the quality of life of the individuals that trust us with their care. A healthy, creative work environment, and respect for diversity promotes quality health care and service. Valued characteristics each team member possesses includes trust, integrity, commitment, and an overall desire to improve the quality of life of other souls.  The return on the investment in an individuals health will lead to improved family dynamics, overall well-being, and a chance to impact the next generations health. 

​​This is the longest practicing medical provider in the Collierville area that focus on a combined holistic, functional and western medicine approaches to achieve a greater quality of care. 

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