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Cancellation Policy 

​We do not double book our patients as other practices do. Each appointment time is individual time we set aside to work with  you and your family.   A 48 HOUR notice is required to cancel or change an appointment time.  A message can be left on our phone, they are time and date stamped.  The 2018 year will have a no show fee which  will be billed if we are not notified.   

This is for new patients only. If you are a current patient use the clinic email for questions. 


There a two main methods  you may use to complete the new patient paperwork.

   1. Computer generated

   2. Hard copy printed from above


New Patient information must be completed prior to your arrival at least one day prior to the appointment or you will not be seen. 

You may print it, complete it and mail, email or fax it to us - no later than  24 hours prior to your visit.

You may choose to answer the email you will receive one week and one day prior to your appointment you can send the information that way.

The choice of how you complete your paperwork is yours, but if the clinic does not have your information within 24 hours of your appointment your appointment will be cancelled

Clinic hours are focused on patients, our time is focused on you and the others that have appointments that day. We do not want to cheat anyone of the time they deserve while we work on paperwork. 


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