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Susan begin her career in Emergency medical services as a medic worked her way through the Methodist diploma nursing school and was employed as a charge nurse on a progressive cardiology unit. She transferred to the emergency room and worked for 30 years as a RN, APN

and clinical specialist. During this time, she also rounded on hospital patients for a local cardiology group and worked in a cardiac stress lab, clinic and cardiac catherization lab for over 25 years. She transferred to Germantown and started the medical response team composed of advanced practice nurses. This team within 3 months curtailed out of unit emergencies and deaths in the hospital.   In the evenings, she taught as a state of Tennessee instructor in the field of EMS. She was appointed by the governor to serve on the EMS board for 12 years. She was active in the grass-root team for emergency care for children, air transport, ethic and educations committees. She served as an educational reviewer for the Memphis Fire Department.   

She obtained her BSN from Union University and her Acute and Critical Care Masters at UT. Her post-graduate studies were in functional and holistic medicine, herbs, essential oils, holistic skin care and holistic pain management.  She is certified to practice functional and intergraded medicine as well as manage chronic disease as a western medicine provider. She is highly skilled in cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune disease.  Recently, she was recognized as a worldwide leader in healthcare and a top APN in the Collierville area. 

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Emergency Medicine students work hard in the clinic to learn 

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 As medical professionals we work as a team to create and maintain a compassionate, friendly and healing environment.

 From the moment you step in to the clinic you will realize it is different. Our integrative approach to health  care combines western , holistic and functional medicine to regain and maintain wellness.  Care is  provided in  a home like environment and supported by education to help you achieve the best outcome.

 This is a  full-service medical  practice of dedicated, experienced medical professionals with a combined  experience of over 90 years. We believe in working with patients to regain, maintain and improve their  health.  Rather than focusing on only the disease or illness and how it effects the body we consider the  whole person  and how he or she interacts with the environment and how it impacts the disease.  We  emphasize the  connection of the mind, body and soul and how the external elements can cause  imbalances and disease  states. Functional medicine looks for the" why" and "what" causes  which allows  the cells to achieve the best outcome .