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By listening to the individual and learning his or her story, the practitioner brings the individual into the discovery process and tailors treatments that address the individual’s unique needs.  There are no cookie cutter approaches to this form of health care. The provider looks at body mind and spirit. 

An integrative, functional and holistic healthcare approach is used. 

By looking “upstream” to consider the complex web of interactions in the patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to illness. The unique genetic makeup of each patient is considered, along with  internal  and external factors that affect the individual 

Western & Functional lab work are obtained. 

Too often  you are told by health care professionals that  nothing is wrong with us because our “lab tests are normal”.  In critical care we are taught to "treat the patient not the monitor", I see no reason that should cease in the critical care setting.  Lab work can be misleading. Lab values have been determined to have “normal ranges”  which  have been predetermined  by professional groups that admit sometimes the basis for the ranges have no evidence to support them. Traditional western lab work is valuable and when combined with selected functional work may provide an improved plan of care.  

​ The concept of Grand Rounds is used by the hospital when your critically ill. The team brings every resource that is offered to improve your outcomes, this is the concept  used in the clinic. The medical staff has greater than 95 years of combined experience in patient care. This unique team complements each other providing a vast amount of experience, teaching and resources for the patient. 

Susan begin her career in Emergency medical services as a medic and worked her way through the Methodist diploma nursing school.  Immediately after graduation she was employed as a charge nurse on a progressive cardiology unit. She transferred to the emergency room and worked for 30 years as a RN, APN and clinical specialist. During this time, she also rounded on hospital patients for a local cardiology group and worked in the cardiac stress lab, clinic and cardiac catherization lab for over 25 years . She was the grass roots founder and leader of the Medical Response Team at Germantown Methodist where she designed and lead a team of advanced practice nurses. This team greatly reduced hospital emergencies and deaths within three months.  Susan served 12 years on the EMS state board and  taught for the State of Tennessee in the field of emergency  medicine for 20 years. She was active on the grass roots for emergency care of children, air transport, ethic and educational committee for the state. She served as an educational reviewer for the Memphis Fire Department. 

Susan obtained her BSN from Union University and her masters in Acute and Critical Care from UT. Post graduate work consisted of functional and holistic medicine, essential oils, pain management and skin care. She is certified to practice holistic medicine as well has manage chronic disease as a western medicine provider. She is highly skilled in cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disease. Recently she was recognized as a worldwide leader in healthcare and top APN in the Collierville area.