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​​​​​​ PEMF MAT 

Functional Medicine​

Olympian, Tobias Stechert, Germany`s # 1 downhill skier is on his way to recover from another heavy injury, which he picked up already last season. He decided to implement PEMF applications  into his rehab routines to become again competitive for the World Cup Season 2016/2017. 

All athletes... 
professional &  amateur can benefit from daily PEMF treatments for preventative reasons and for overall health maintenance. 
In addition to the accelerated healing from  injuries, PEMF can help you recover quickly from the body soreness that could otherwise 
keep you out of the gym.  Type your paragraph here.

The PEMF NASA mat is indicated for many neurological problems and  bone injuries Call today and book an appointment !

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Schedule a sports physical with a pre concussion work up for your child! You will be provided a packet for your coach to assess your child in the case of an event.

Pastoral Science


 The patients that have been using the mat have achieved a  new level of  health. I encourage  you to consider this  alternative treatment to:

 Decrease pain
 Improve post-surgery healing
 Treat psychological disorders
 Improve sleep
 Improve blood circulation
 Provide chronic pain relief
 Regenerate nerves
 Improve wound healing
 Improve immunity
 Increase bone density
 Improve energy and vitality
 Enable relaxation and reduce stress
 Eliminate bodily toxins
 Help burn calories, improve muscle tone and control weight
 Reduce stress and fatigue
 Relieve anxiety and promotes relaxation

For those that have requested a flu shot---they are in.

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